My Hot Air Balloon Neutral Baby Shower

In honor of my baby shower, this time last year I’m doing a little throwback Thursday here on the blog and sharing my hot air balloon themed neutral baby shower.

I didn’t really get into styling parties until I started working for a popular NYC kids establishment doing…you guessed it! Kids Parties!! For awhile, I didn’t really get it. I didn’t understand spending a ton of money on a party for a child who could probably care less and put so much effort into something that probably only the mom really notices. But after a year or so I realized that specialty parties: the one’s where people had a theme, custom signage, custom cookies, dessert tables, custom custom custom etc., were an amazing way to use creativity and DIY skills. Oh, hello favorite job.

For me, the crazy mom came out about a month before Nora was born as I over ran my whole family by working on my own baby shower…I know, I know…that’s for the host to do, yadda yadda yadda. I didn’t care. I wanted it my way or no way. I will say, my Mom came up with the hot air balloon theme for my neutral baby shower, but after that, I took the reigns, or burner in this case (get it!? because it was hot air balloon themed?) HA. It also didn’t help that I chose to stop working about 3 months before my due date and was bored out of mind, but hey! Mama needs to rest up (and plan her own shower).

When the day arrived you could imagine my mood when my beautiful spring day turned out to be a brisk fall-ish day of 58°. Whomp Whomp. This was MY day! My last day of glory before the baby arrived and I became invisible…It must go MY WAY!!

It wouldn’t have been a big deal except that my shower was in a tent. In the backyard. But don’t worry, my Dad saved the day by heating up the place with an outdoor heater in addition to an actual space heater that we plugged in using an extension cord. Safe? I don’t know, and I don’t care. It turned my frown upside down and MY day was back on track. This would be the first party that I truly poured my heart into and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Chalkboard Welcome Sign                            Note The beginning of my hand lettering training… still in progress.;)

Balloon Arch Neutral Baby Shower

There was one thing my mom (the host) had complete control over, and that was the balloons. She created a beautiful arch into the backyard and there was a huge string of them hung across the whole tent. Unfortunately, we failed to capture that.  But, as someone who doesn’t go crazy over balloons, they really put the space over the top.

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

Hot Air Balloon Book Bin

Lemonade Bar

I had this brilliant idea to have a lemonade bar where you could add prosecco, your choice of regular lemonade, pink lemonade, or blackberry lemonade, and garnish with fruits. Or you could make it virgin with sprite (really just me). But what happened was, we didn’t have the prosecco out for the whole first half of the party. Sooo everyone was having virgins! By the time we got the prosecco out all the lemonade was gone (insert stone face emoji here). But, doesn’t matter! I think everyone was so pumped to be drinking out of these fancy glasses, they didn’t notice the wine was missing. At least that’s how I made myself feel better in the moment.

Mason Jar Glasses

Hot Air Ballon Baby Shower Desserts

Hot Air Balloon Lollipops

Mint, Peach, & Gold Baby Shower Dessert Table

Mom & Dad Baby Pictures

Diaper Station

We didn’t have a ton of games but my sister found this great idea of words for the wee hours, where you write something funny or motivational on a diaper for the mom and dad to read changing a late night diaper. And of course the party favorite “broken water” aka creepy ice cube babies.

I found these baby shower game printables for FREE on The Little Umbrella! You can even customize them to match your color scheme, SO CUTE!

Baby Shower Favors

Once it was over, I remember standing in the tent and feeling sad because all the hard work I put in was over and done within a matter of three hours. But I was also happy because everything I had put into the party planning had come to fruition. It looked simply beautiful, and above all else, people I loved showered me with love during the most amazing, yet scariest time in my life of becoming a mother, and for that this will always be one of those “best days”.