Five Free Summer Printables Blog Launch!

Hey All! I am so excited because today is launch day, or live day, or whatever you want to call it… The blog is UP! Naturally, we need to celebrate in some way. I have chosen to make this a celebration of FREE summer printables! I mean, who doesn’t love freebies!?!?

Even though Memorial Day seems like the unofficial start of summer, I happen to think the Fourth of July is the OFFICIAL start of summer. It’s when all the kids are done with school, vacations seem within reach, and the temperatures continue to rise. Sooo with MY official start of summer just 3 days away, I’ve created FIVE free printables all about SUMMER!! I am also sharing five more summer free printable faves that are too good to miss! Happy Launch Day (to me)! and, Happy Summer!

Five Free Summer Printables

Five Free Printables

Five Free Summer Printables

Five Free Summer Printables

Five Free Summer Printables

Five Free Summer Printables

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summa time free printable    Ice Cream free Printable

Happy Summer Free Printable    Fresh Lemonade Free Printable

Free Summer Bookmarks Printable



GRAPHICS by FRANCEillustration ©

In addition to the freebies above, these are 5 fave free summer printables I found scouring the web. There are so many good printables out there!

Click thumbnail to be taken to the printable    Loving the Fruit Garland & Coloring Page!



Starting a blog has been a long time in the making for me. I am beyond excited to start this new blogging journey. I hope you will enjoy following along while making some pretty things together! Don’t forget to go back and read previous posts, lots of pretties happening!

 I hope you enjoy these five free summer printables. I would love to see how you use them, post a pic!