3 Fourth of July Desserts for your Fourth of July Soiree

I’ve only thrown one Fourth of July party in my day and It wasn’t a total failure, but I was pretty young (like 21) and it wasn’t exactly a rager. I made way too much food and put up some basic decorations, if that. But not many people at that age can appreciate the thought and energy put into a gathering as such. I remember friends didn’t show up at all, people came late, and most of my food was wasted. I think that party scared me from ever wanting to have a Fourth of July party again.

However, as and my friends and I are getting older its become more important than ever to have lovely get-togethers where we can eat, enjoy conversation, and now chase after our kids. So it may not be a bad idea to throw a little Fourth of July soiree this year!

I will say, even though I haven’t had any parties, I always attend one. Whether it’s at my parents’ house or at a friends house, I’ll take any opportunity to whip up a fun dessert for people I love. So I wanted to share some festive and (mostly) easy desserts that I have used over the years when I wanted to add that extra something to the dessert table.

3 Festive Desserts

Two of these desserts actually use some of the same ingredients which is a bonus if you have more than one party to go to but want to bring different desserts or simply want variation.

Star Strawberry Shortcake

Fourth of July Strawberry Shortcake

This is a dessert that my mom started making and then I stole to bring to basically every Fourth of July party ever. It’s always a hit, probably because it’s interactive. You bring the fruit and cream separately which allows people to build their shortcake however they desire and it’s easy for you because all you did was make the shortcake and bring the toppings.

Fourth of July Baby

Shortcake Stars

 Use your favorite shortbread recipe (I love this one from Martha Stewart) cut into stars and bake as instructed. Tip: use a generous handful of sugar on the top of each star, maybe even add a bit extra to the dough which makes these shortcakes as equally delicious on their own as they are with the fruit. Slice up some strawberries (Prob two Pints for 12 stars), toss in some blueberries (Also two Pints), and whip up some fresh whipped cream ( one quart makes more than enough). That’s it. Your job is done, and you’ve made extra for the next dessert too right?

Pound Cake Parfait

Fourth of July Parfait

This one has simple ingredients but can look oh so pretty when you put a little extra effort in. Not to mention no baking at all (unless you want to), great in a pinch!

Fourth of July Pound Cake Parfait

Store bought pound cake (or make your own, do you!), fresh whipped cream (fresh is best! But if you must, the store stuff works too). Berries. That’s all. Bust out some mason jars, I’m using the 8 oz jars, but you could also do one layer in 4oz, or simply use those clear plastic cocktail cups, or throw it all in one and do it trifle style which looks equally as pretty!

Fourth of July Pound Cake Parfait

I used the lid of the jar to cut out circles then layer, pound cake, strawberries, whipped cream, and blueberries (red, white, and blue!) repeat and you’re done. Two pound cakes make about 12 individual 8oz parfaits, the same amount of ingredients work for the trifle. The only difference with the trifle is I just cut the pound cake into cubes as opposed to making circles. SO simple!

Fourth of July Pound Cake Parfait

Star Watermelon Skewers

Star Watermelon Skewers

If you thought that last dessert was simple, this one could not be easier. You always have watermelon at a Fourth of July BBQ, why not amp it up a bit by cutting it into festive stars, putting it on fun skewers, and adding a bit of mint.

Star Watermelon Skewers

Kids will love the fun shape, and adults will love the addition of mint on your very own skewer! Also!!! You could do that thing where you inject the watermelon with Vodka first and this could be an adult only treat…Don’t mind if I do.

I really hope this inspires you to make a few festive Fourth of July desserts and pretty up your party a little! Happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July Baby

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