Baby Girl’s Baptism + Free Printables

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I wanted to share a few pictures of my baby girl’s baptism. I tried to keep it pretty simple using mostly baby’s breath with elements of pink for decorations. My husband and I both come from rather large families so a small party isn’t really an option unless we didn’t have a party at all, and THAT wasn’t an option! Luckily, we were able to score an awesome beach front location on Long Island where we tend to spend many weekends and most of the summer. Both of our families live there and it’s where we hail from originally, so we do most big parties out on the island which gives us the perfect balance of city and “country” (I don’t consider it country but I think many people would). In any case, you can imagine what a beautiful day we had out on the ocean late September for this special occasion.

Baby Girl Baptism Centerpiece

Baby Girl Baptism Favors

I made these favors myself using seed paper and my trusty Cricut which probably isn’t meant to use seed paper with, but it got the job done nonetheless. The only thing about these favors was that our guests didn’t really get what it was, and didn’t take it. I had to go around saying “it’s seed paper, plant it, take a bunch!” It’s okay because now I will plant ALL the wildflowers!

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Printable

I also made a trio of these bible verses to place in various spots around the party, I wanted to make sure to incorporate the reason we were there in the first place. You can print these for yourself down below to use at your own party or they would look equally as sweet in a baby girls room. Enjoy!

Baby Girl Baptism

Baby Girl Baptism

Baby Girl's Baptism

Baby Girl's Baptism

Baby Girl Baptism

So, even though she cried her entire Baptism at the church (oh, I didn’t mention that?). My baby girl’s baptism was a great time. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air, hanging out on the beach, and celebrating the new little person that is my Nora.

All banners and paper flowers made by me using the Cricut.

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God is With Her Printable Deloverly.comMore Precious than Jewel Printable

If you’re looking for more pretty printables for your baby girl go see Nora’s Room Tour!

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