Donut Party Activities

Heyo! This a packed post full of awesome donut party activities and a FREE printable(yayyy)! Some of the activities I used at Nora’s donut party. Some are ones I found while scouring the web tirelessly for activities to do at her donut party but couldn’t do every single one! I am only one person after all.

At my job doing kid’s parties, we are pretty big on activities. We do tattoos, blocks, play doh, the list goes on and on due to changes for specific themes. I knew for Nora’s donut party that the donut party activities would, and had to be flowing.

I chose a few basics like a tattoo station

Donut Party Activities

Custom Donut Tattoos Love & Lion

A Coloring Table

Donut Party Activities

Custom Coloring Sheets Lauren Haddox Design | Free Download Coloring Sheets –> Doodle Donuts | Printable Treats Donut Coloring Pages | I also had these donut sticker sheets from Oriental Trading on the table

Then, I added a donut decorating station(which I did not take pictures of, whomp whomp) but here’s a great one from Your Home Based Mom

I had a table designated for older kids which had coloring sheets, and donut tic tac toe. I have provided a FREE printable for the tic tac toe because it’s too cute not to share 🙂

Free Printable Donut Tic Tac Toe

click to download pdfdonut tic tac toe

Finally, outside we set up a donut toss using these mini inflatable donuts from Oriental Trading (again something I forgot to photograph gahhh it’s just so hard to get it all together…you live and you learn) This one from A to Zebra Celebrations is close only I used a wooden pole not a human, since these were minis.

I should also mention that these activities were more for the over 2 crowd. For the babies, I set up foam mats with a few donut toys, and pop up tunnel thing. I know others who had great success with ball pits for babies as well.

That’s all for the donut party activities we had at Nora’s birthday, now here’s some from the world wide web, that will force me to have another donut party strictly to do activities.

Bobbing for Donuts The Chic Site 

Bobbing for Donuts The chic site

Donut Twister Studio DIY


“Donut Seed” Necklace

If you know of any donut party activities, I’d love to hear! If you end up using my donut tic-tac-toe, post a pic, I’d love to see!

Come back tomorrow for the last post in the donut series where I will be rounding up a bunch of donut party treats! Have the best weekend!