Donut Party Sweets & Treats

I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite donut party desserts that I came across while trying to figure out what treats I would actually make for Nora’s donut party. I ended up kind of tying in a sprinkle party theme with her donut party.

Donut Birthday Party

I wanted a colorful fun dessert table but I didn’t want to make everything look like donuts. Adding sprinkles seemed to be the best solution. Of course, we had about five dozen donuts but those were a given at a donut party. For the other desserts, I wanted some classics but I also wanted some surprising treats. No way I could make all of them but here’s what I found.

Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats

Sally’s Baking Addiction

These are SO good! I’ve already made them a second time, which says a lot since I usually just make chocolate chip cookies for everything.

Confetti Cake Pops

Sprinkles for Breakfast

Birthday Cake Batter Popcorn

Mrs.Schwartz’s Kitchen

All I’ve got to say about this sweet treat is don’t knock it til you try it… this popcorn is more than just a pretty facade

Confetti Pretzels

Sugar Cooking

Sprinkle Cookies

Go Go Go Gourmet

Cake Batter Sprinkle Bark


Go visit Sweetapolita for the sprinkles alone! EPIC

Donut Cake Pops

The Cake Blog

Guys, cake pops that look like donuts!?!? Whaaat!?

Apple “Donuts”

hello, Wonderful

Donut Sugar Cookies

Me! I did Allisons Cookie Party which gave me all I needed to make these happen!Donut Birthday Party Cookies

Donut Kabobs

Katrina’s Paperie

These are the simplest of them all, donut holes, fruit, done.

That completes the donut series! If you haven’t already, check out the other three posts. Nora’s Donut Party, 3 Donut Party Goody Bag Ideas, and Donut Party Activities. I feel like this might not be the only donut party I ever have because donuts are amazing. It has been so fun reliving this very special day and sharing all the donut love.

One last thing; A little something for your dessert table!

Click to DownloadDonut Worry Free Printable Deloverly