DIY Phone Case + Free SVG Image

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of obsessed with my Cricut. There isn’t any paper project it can’t handle. Paper is only the beginning! I’m particularly obsessed with vinyl, foil, and iron on. I wanted to share this DIY phone case to give you a taste of all the Cricut can do aside from paper and this is truly just a taste. The possibilities are endless and I hope to share more projects in the future. Especially once I get my hands on the Cricut maker because guys, it cuts fabric!


Cricut or another cutting machine | Black Vinyl | Phone Case (I used a clear case I had hanging around, but this would look so fun on a marble one, like this) | That’s it!

This case is inspired by #momlife. You gotta do all the things once nap time hits! I feel so lucky to have a little who takes a 3-hour nap (most days). This allows me to clean up, spend too much time on Facebook, shower in peace…you know how it goes. It’s the nap time hustle!

How to

  • Save image below.
  • Open it in design space or whatever you use.
  • Resize to how big you want depending on your phone size. I have the iPhone 7 and I made my graphic 2.5 x 3.75 which made it fit pretty snugly to the case.
  • Cut it out of the vinyl (don’t forget to select vinyl on machine for the kiss cut)
  • Carefully weed out negative space using weed tool or steady fingers
  • Use transfer tape to lift design from backing or If in a bind with no transfer tape (like I was) masking tape works BUT it takes a little more work to for it to lay nicely because it doesn’t release as easily due to the tiny nature of the piece. (Mine came out a bit wonky for my taste but I’ll probably make another with the marble case!)
  • Transfer design to phone case taking care to place straight in the center.
  • At this point, you can leave as is to allow for easy removal once over this design (which is what I’m gonna do) OR you can spray a clear coat over top to lock it in for a bit longer.

It will probably peel off after a while (clear coat or not) but the fun of making a decal on the Cricut is that you can make more, different designs, different quotes, team logos, whatever you want. I might make a BOO! one for Halloween or something sassy like This is my resting witch face. (saw that on a t-shirt somewhere ha!) Have fun with it. Download fonts, download graphics. Truly limitless with this machine.

Please post a pic if you end up making this DIY phone case, or any other phone case for that matter (I need ideas!) Who has just one?!? (Me, I do, I only have one, but I need MORE)

Right-click to save SVG file. If you know a better way to share these files please let me know! I am at a loss as to the best way to share. Thanks!

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