Our Favorite Small Shop Brands

I have been wanting to do a post on our favorite small shop brands for awhile because it is a big part of my life. I know it’s crazy to say shops are a big part of my life, but they are! If you read my post featuring bst groups, you would see it’s not just about buying clothes, but also the community involved.

This isn’t to say I don’t buy big brands because I do! We love Old Navy, Gap, Zara (realllllly into Zara right now!), Target brands, Osh Kosh, and even Carters on occasion. Small shops though, have my heart. Once you get into it there’s no turning back, the pieces are so good, so special. Luckily the BST boards are there to either buy second hand or sell all your gently used pretties to buy more pretties.I do a little of both. I also pair big brands with small shops together all the time!

favorite small shop brands

Shoes – Zara (a few seasons back, BST grab :)) | Knee Highs- Little Stocking Co | Swing Dress- June & January | Cardigan-Rose & Belle | Bow- Wunderkin (of course)

Reasons I shop small
  • Unique items
  • Supporting (more often than not) a fellow Mama.
  • Quality fabric
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Community of fellow small shop lovers

This is one of those posts that will most likely be repeated in the future with current small shop faves because there are so many.  My taste is always changing and Nora is always changing, what works for her one season may not work the next. So here it goes…our current faves. I’ve found the best way to keep up to date on small shops and their drop dates (this is when they open up for orders and some sell out in minutes!) is either through Instagram or many shops have VIP groups on Facebook.

Rose & Belle Clothing

This shop has been a fave for quite awhile. She makes cozy, casual pieces that are great for play, dressing up, and lounging. I am constantly on the lookout for secondhand pieces that are from previous years because I haven’t bought a single piece I didn’t love. Be sure to visit her insta to get an update on how she’s taking orders because it changes.

Vivie & Ash

This was the first shop I ever found. I don’t know how, don’t know where, but so glad I did. First of all, the owner is so sweet, and approachable. She is always communicating with her customers and looking for input. I love this community of women and you cannot beat the quality of these pieces. Organic cotton, gorgeous, seasonally appropriate patterns. All I’m saying is go look up her reindeer dress…you’re gonna wanna go join the VIP group now. Perfection.

Wunderkin Co.

So Wunderkin is not clothes but bows and guys these bows are a-mazing. Listen, people will say “what’s the big deal, they’re just bows?” and I’m here to tell you no bow can compare. These bad boys are hard to get but I actually feel guilty when I look at other bows. It appears to be getting easier as the company expands and adds more seamstresses to their team but nonetheless still hard to snag. Remember when I said some shops sell out in minutes, this one sells out in a minute! It’s the hunger games, and I am all in. Also, the community involved with these bows is my absolute favorite hands down. The shop owner and everyone who works with her is amazing. I can always find conversation to engage in and am constantly getting baby style inspiration. The group makes me feel less crazy for being so obsessed with shopping for my little:).

Daughter Co

Classic, beautiful, heirloom quality pieces. These items sell fast and for a good reason.

River & Jax 

I love this shop for her fancy pieces. She makes adorable rompers (heavy in the floral dept), suspender skirts, and leggings. In the winter she makes beautiful plaid pieces that are not to be missed..that is if you can get one. Like many small shops, she is only one person so the amount she can take on is limited but worth it. Get in her VIP group because it’s the only way to actually get something.

Adelisa & Co.

This is a very recent favorite as I just discovered them and somehow got lucky enough to snag a pair of their paseo boots. I am already obsessed and know I will need the mary janes they offer as well as the women’s boots to twin with my girl! These are leather, handmade in Nicaragua, and gorgeous. Added bonus they give back 10% to families in Nicaragua. I’m all about it.

Little Stocking Co. 

Go to for tights and knee highs. I’ve tried others, they were fine. These are the best. Vibrant colors, timeless style, and quality design. I may or may not have a collection happening.

Mila Chic Boutique

Another recent discovery but already loving her knits. Unique designs, handmade with love.

Most of the shops I’ve shared specialize in clothing for little girls but the shops below have both girls and boys!

five favorite small shops

Dress – Rose & Belle | Bow- Wunderkin | Shoes- Mon Petit | Knee High’s- Little Stocking Co.

Lulu & Roo 

Adorable lounge pieces. Sweats, sweatshirts, shorts, they even have adult sizes so you can matchy matchy with your babe!

June & January 

Great Basics. Vibrant colors that can be mixed and matched with a variety of clothing.

Savage Seeds

This shop is mostly t-shirts and onesies with quotes for boys, girls, mom’s, whoever. I love the messages they send and I love the simple design.

Charlotte & Ezra

This shop is basically known for their “mom life” shirts and of course, I’m all about that Mom life. They also have a handful of baby onesies which are equally as adorable.

Rylee & Cru

I’m not sure that Rylee & Cru is considered a small shop but I had to include it because it is definitely a current fave and goes with all our Zara goodies perfectly. Also, it was started by a mom who made it into a huge company! Similar to June & January I mentioned above. You can find these clothes online but also at many children’s boutiques. The clothes can get pricey and sell out, but that’s what the BST is for! They are well made and hold their value really well, that is if you can bear selling ( I have a hard time, everything is so good!)

favorite small shop brands

Bow- Wunderkin | Dress- Vivie & Ash | Knee High’s- Little Stocking Co. | Clogs- Old Navy (early summer)

Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg of small shops, there are so many good ones, and I will be sure to share more as I come across them. If you have any favorites please share! My shopping problem is real… At this point, it’s almost like a hobby for me buying and selling clothes. I, of course, save my absolute favorites for future littles.

One last thing I want to mention. There are a lot of baby “boutiques” out there that sell knock off’s of unique designs from various shops. I don’t want to mention which, but just be aware that this happens and it hurts the real small shop where the design came from. They use actual photos from the small shops yet are sending the knockoff version. It’s not okay!

Basically, if you go find me on Instagram and see all the small shops I follow you will be dragged into a deep deep rabbit hole. Have fun!

favorite small shop brands

Outfit- Vivie & Ash