My New Years Resolutions!

I’m really happy with how 2017 turned out. To be honest I’ve been blessed with how most of my years have turned out. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve said “this year sucked” and luckily this year wasn’t one of them. I started this blog, I watched my baby grow from a little squish to a very spirited toddler, and our family had a lot of positive changes (husband got a promotion, my brother got married and welcomed a child, my sister found out she was having a baby) All good things. I am so hopeful to have another great year filled with so much more good. I wanted to share my New Years resolutions mostly to put them out there into the universe and hold myself somewhat accountable.
I am not going to waste time saying “get healthy, lose weight, go to the gym” because those are a given, it’s things I’m always struggling to do so no use putting it as a resolution.

  1. Patience. Patience. Patience. I lose my patience far too quickly, and I’d really like to try and take a deep breath and say to myself “is this something to get worked up about” maybe it’s a New Yorker thing, who knows, but it needs work.
  2. Be nicer to my husband. The reality is, having a child isn’t always easy on your relationship. The fact is I need help sometimes, the problem is I don’t really ask for it in the nicest ways.
  3. Sing. I haven’t talked about it much but my first love is Musical Theatre. It’s what my BFA is in, it’s the reason I came to NYC, at one time it was everything to me. I’m not interested in auditioning at this time but I do want to sing. I’m not sure what form that will come in. Will it just be singing along to Moana or Broadway Radio, maybe? Or maybe more… but I miss it, I need it in my life.
  4. Put myself in the pictures. Literally. I want to be in more pictures with my child/family. I get way too hung up on not liking this that or the other thing about myself. I am who I am at this time and I don’t think my child will be checking out my “big booty” when she looks back on photos.
  5. Spend less. This needs to happen. I spend wayyy too much time on the BST boards. I’ve already decided on joining the no spend January movement.

I’m hoping that all of my new years resolutions become more just part of me and less like a job of some kind. 
Photo: Annie Harris Photography

Happy 2018 to you and your families. I hope it’s a great one!